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Corner View – Cuddly

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

Wosy and Friend

Wosy and Friend

Brianna and I found these two gorgeous rabbits in the bargain bin at one of Brianna’s favourite shops – Pumpkin Patch. Pumpkin Patch is mainly a clothing store but it also sells a few soft toys. As soon as I saw the blue rabbit I just had to have him because he reminded me so much of a favourite childhood toy – a blue rabbit with floppy ears called Wosy.

Brianna was very excited at the idea of Mummy buying a toy for herself and quickly became very fond of Wosy II.  Hence it wasn’t very long (the next week in fact) before we were back at Pumpkin Patch so Brianna could get Wosy a friend. Indeed, she wanted this rabbit so much she was willing to spend her own hard-earned cash to buy him!  So now Wosy and his cream-coloured friend (who still hasn’t got a name yet) are happily ensconced in their new home. And yes – they are extremely cuddly!

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