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Corner View – Experience

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Hays Bay, Banks Peninsula

Hays Bay, Banks Peninsula

We have just returned home from a three-day holiday to a lovely little town called Diamond Harbour. It’s only 40 minutes from Christchurch but it seems a world away. While we were there we had lots of experiences of course but three of them stood out.

The first was a beautiful early morning swim at Hays Bay – a lovely little beach not far from Diamond Harbour.  The beach had previously been virtually inaccessible because you had to walk across a farmer’s private land to get there. When the farmer sold his land to a developer and they began to build a posh gated community there Kevin and I thought this little slice of paradise would be forever shut off from public access. Little did we know though that one of the stipulations the developers had to meet before they could develop the land was to build a public walk-way down to Hays Bay. So – after years of looking longingly at this lovely spot – Kevin and I, and Brianna too, had the chance to swim there. And it was as gorgeous as we thought it would be!

The second stand-out experience of our holiday was a trip on the Diamond Harbour Ferry – a little boat that travels between the port town of Lyttelton (just through the tunnel from Christchurch) and Diamond Harbour.  Kevin and I wanted to look at a house for sale in Lyttelton (we used to live there and would love to return) so we thought it would be fun to take the boat (a 10 minute trip) rather than going by road (which would take us 40 minutes). There was a strong Easterly wind blowing that day so the harbour was quite choppy – making it all the more exciting. I took this photograph of a huge container ship on our way back out of Lyttelton after seeing the house (which was rather gorgeous by the way!). The sea looks very calm in the port – but once out into the open sea it was quite a different story!

Container ship at anchor in Lyttelton Port

Container ship at anchor in Lyttelton Port

The third stand-out experience of our holiday was the evening we spent on Diamond Harbour Beach – a rocky little cove that is the complete opposite of Hays Bay but absolutely delightful all the same. In fact it’s probably our favourite beach on the whole of Banks Peninsula. We had a gorgeous late-afternoon swim and then we just stayed there basking on the warm rocks until the sun sank down behind the fir trees on the ridge above.  Perfection

Evening light at Diamond Harbour Beach

Evening light at Diamond Harbour Beach

Corner View – In the Distance

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

On the beach - early summer

On the beach – early summer

This photograph was taken as we were walking on the footpath / esplanade above the beach while Brianna was down on the sand, running in and out of the waves and picking up treasures along the way.  We were spending the weekend in a lovely little  town  called Akaroa – first settled by the French and very proud of its French heritage.  All the street names are in French, there are several cafes with a lovely French ‘feel’ (Like The Little Bistro and L’escargot Rouge) and a lovely museum which documents the very French history of the place. It’s the perfect place to go for a short break – it’s only just over an hour away from Christchurch –  which is just what we did in early summer last year.

This photograph seemed to evoke the theme for this week’s Corner View so well – early summer, just like Brianna’s little figure down on the beach, seems to be far away – in the distance . . .

By the way – my heartfelt apologies for not visiting very many blogs recently. I so enjoy catching up with all the things people are doing, and looking at all the different takes on each week’s Corner View theme but this last couple of weeks I’ve just not gotten around to checking out very many of my fellow Corner Viewer’s posts. I will try very hard to do so this week!

Corner View is a weekly appointment – each Wednesday – created by Jane, where bloggers from all corners of the world share their view on a pre-arranged theme. Visit Francesca at FuoriBorgo for more Corner Views. This weeks theme is ‘In the distance’.  

Golden Days in Golden Bay

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Our holiday house

We spent the last couple of weeks of 2011 in one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand – Golden Bay. When we arrived on December 19th the area had just endured days of torrential rain which caused major landslips, and a lot of damage to homes and infrastructure. It was a weird feeling for us arriving from poor old battered Christchurch to find our holiday refuge coping with the after-effects of yet another natural disaster!  It was amazing though how quickly they got things up and running there. The day before we arrived the main Takaka-Collingwood Highway was closed due to a major slip, several popular beaches were closed due to sewerage contamination and the area’s main camping ground was closed due to problems with water provision. The Takaka-Collingwood Highway opened the day we arrived (albeit just one lane – but one lane is enough!) and the beaches and the campground opened several days later. Most miraculous of all though the sun shone the whole 9 days were were there! Brianna was able to practice her swimming skills (freshly learnt at a two-week intensive at school) in the sea (at Pakawau Beach) and in the fabulous swimming hole at the Aorere River. And Kevin and I were able to relax – for the first time in many months. God bless you Golden Bay – you are our paradise on earth.

Brianna and Kevin on Pakawau Beach

Brianna swimming at Pakawau Beach

Playing in the sand on Pakawau Beach

On Pohara Beach

Kevin & Brianna - Takaka River - Fabulous swimming hole

The Aorere River - another fabulous swimming hole

The back door of our holiday house - and lots of shoes!


Thursday, January 20th, 2011

These photographs were taken at a bach we rented at Pakawau Beach in Golden Bay at the end of last year. They bring back memories of that holiday, and of many others. Holidays spent in other people’s places, amongst other people’s belongings. I always feel a bit like I am ‘playing house’ when I stay at a bach. Opening the door with the key you were frightened you wouldn’t be able to find and discovering within a little world that will be yours for the short time you’re there. Filling the little fridge with your food, rearranging the cushions for your comfort, making the beds up with your linen. This bach at Pakawau was a lovely one, a true-blue Kiwi bach – not too posh, not too grungy – with a view of the beach from almost every room. I wandered through it with my Nikon SLR and discovered the joys of setting the camera to manual and making all the decisions about exposure myself. I realised that taking such control took me that bit closer to really capturing the quality of the light, the feeling evoked by that thing in that place. Bliss.