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Corner View – Poem

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Garden Fairy

Garden Fairy


There are so many poems I love – too many to catalogue here. Your eyes would grow tired even just reading the names. But when I was thinking of all these poems – and wondering which one I would choose and how I would illustrate it with a photograph or an image – this poem by early 20th Century New Zealand poet (and novelist) Katherine Mansfield lilted into my mind. It is called ‘Evening Song of the Thoughtful Child’ – and is so evocative of childhood and its multitude of magics that I thought I’d share it – accompanied by an image of Brianna frolicking many years ago now in the evening light in a friend’s beautiful garden. The wings are a little bit of magic added by me later for an Eliza’s Dream project inspired by this poem. The project has never really come to fruition but nice to share both the poem and the image with the lovely people of the Corner View community.

Please excuse the rather large font the poem is in – I ended up having to put a screen shot of it in because I just couldn’t seem to format the poem properly in WordPress – I obviously need some lessons!


Evening Song of the Thoughtful Child



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Corner View – Small Things

Monday, April 28th, 2014

Flower Fairy

Flower Fairy

I have recently joined Instagram and one of the really nice things about it is that it encourages you to notice – as you go through your day – the small things that would be nice to share with the Instagram community. Even though I am on Instagram as Eliza’s Dream I don’t tend to post a lot of what I make for my Etsy shop – apart from behind-the-scenes photos of my creative process.  The majority of my posts are just little moments from my day. The photographs in this post are a sample of those small moments – some of which made it onto Instagram, some of which didn’t.

My little Owl

My little Owl

Hiis and Hers coffees

Hiis and Hers coffees

My artichoke candle

My artichoke candle – it was good while it lasted!

There's ALWAYS a good reason to drink bubbly :-)

You can ALWAYS find a reason to drink bubbly 🙂

Fairy groceries

From the Fairy’s Garden