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Christchurch . . . Arise!

October 30th, 2011 by Eliza

This Saturday just past our main shopping street – Cashel Mall – was opened to the people of Christchurch for the first time since February 22nd. Many buildings have disappeared and those still standing are boarded up and out of action. But in their place was a gorgeous, funky, colourful little shopping area made of shipping containers. Kevin, Brianna and I went that day in feeling a bit doubtful about what it might be like. We walked up Durham Street, crossed over Lichfield (where Brianna’s school used to be) and began the walk down Cashel Mall. As I’ve already said, a lot was gone – and I did feel sad. Tears threatened, but then I looked ahead and I saw our colourful little Container City and I started to smile. The place was humming. It felt like a real city again for the first time since the earthquake. For the first time since that terrible day we were ‘going into town’. It felt fabulous to even say those words. Hope – that little feathered bird – was in our hearts. The sky was blue. People were sipping lattes in the sun.  Christchurch is getting back on its feet again. And it feels good!

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6 Responses to “Christchurch . . . Arise!”

  1. Francesca says:

    indeed, what a good feeling it must be for all of you!

  2. flowtops says:

    And the weather helped a lot, of course. New memories are born, there.


  3. marja says:

    Kia ora Haven’t seen it yet but your photos look great, so I linked to your post.

  4. Fi says:

    We went at twilight on Wednesday after the shops had closed – just for quick look round after dinner in Colombo St ( Himalayas) – wow – was so good to see – even empty of people it looked lovely – going back at the weekend! Despite the memories, it was a taste of what will come back – great news for us all.

  5. carolina says:

    I came over from Marja (Dutchcorner) who pointed us towards your photos of the colourful containers in Christchurch. It really looks funky and fun and as a happy place again. Quite a contrast to the video she has on her blog of all the empty spaces and buildings that still need to be demolished.

    Great photos.

    • Eliza says:

      Hi to Marja from Dutch Corner, and to the other visitors who came over via her link. Lovely to meet you all! I hope you get to visit Container City soon Carolina – it really is a fabulously positive step in the right direction for all of us here in Christchurch.